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Last year I had the pleasure of working on a book for legendary photographer ART KANE. Art was one of the most profoundly influential photographers of the twentieth century. A bold visionary, his work explored a number of genres - fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture, travel, and nudes with an unrelenting and innovative eye. Kane developed a style that didn't shy away from strong color, eroticism and surreal humor.

From the original film, I scanned and restored all of the images included in this book. The project was organized and curated by Art’s son, Jonathan Kane and his wife Holly Anderson, a brilliant poet and lyricist. Jonathan is the original drummer for the experimental rock band SWANS, current photographer and photo editor, as well as a musician and a friend. We sat together for almost 12 months and worked on each image in the book, one by one, until he felt they represented what his dad would have originally envisioned.

The book is finally here. This stunning hardback edition from Reel Art Press is the first time Kane’s work has been collected into one comprehensive volume. Beautifully curated, it is a fitting tribute to one of photography’s most original and creative forces. Visit Art Kane’s website or order the book from Amazon.

Lots of people may know about the great VSCO Cam app which is one of my favorite photo editing apps for the iPhone, but not everyone is aware that they have amazing film emulation presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. I've been using their film presets for a while now, and really love them. To me, they help create the most realistic film looks I've seen from any editing software. Between all 6 packs, all of the classics are there, from Kodak TRI-X to Fuji Gold, to Agfa Scala and beyond. Each pack has a different set of films, including Modern, Classic, Instant, Slide, Archetype and Alternative Process. If you're serious about your photo editing, and want to recreate that classic "film" feel, VSCO is the way to go.